100% Working guide: Canada Visa application

Canada is a highly developed country located right above the united states and is highly receptive of visitors. The demand to travel to Canada is readily on the increase as Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with an ever-growing economy.

A Canada visa is a permission that allows you to enter Canada either for tourism, studies, visitation, working, or any other reason. The visa is stamped on your passport and it gives you permission to enter Canada. When you get a Canadian passport, it means the Canadian consulate in your country found you eligible and fit to travel to Canada. After your Canada visa is approved, entering Canada however depends on the officer you meet at the border when you arrive in Canada. You will have to convince the officer that truly you deserve to enter Canada.

If you are able to answer the Canadian Border Services Officer’s questions correctly and honestly you will be allowed entrance into Canada.

If the officer finds you suspicious he will deny you entry into Canada even with your Canada visa. Before you apply for a Canadian visa, you need to first decide the type of visa you intend to apply for.

There are different types of Canadian visa you can apply for;

• Visitor visas.
• Student visas.
• Work visas.
• Permanent Residence visas.
• Business Immigrant visas.
• Express Entry Program visas.

To apply choose the one that best suits your intent of traveling to Canada.

Temporary Canada Visa: allows the holder to stay in Canada for a specific time frame. The Canadian consulate at the border stamps the number of days or months a visa holder will stay in Canada. Usually, this can be up to six months.
Single entry visa: allows the person to enter Canada once. It can’t be reused once the PRA on leaves Canada even if he leaves Canada after two days of entering Canada.
A multiple entry visa allows the person to enter Canada multiple times until their visa expires.
Permanent Canada Visa: This is the kind of visa that allows the holder to settle in Canada permanently.

Application for Canada Visa

The application process for Canada visa depends greatly on the type of visa you are applying for.
There are approximately six steps to take while applying for a Canada Visa, it includes ;
• Eligibility Test: Find out if you are eligible before sending in your application, this will save you a great loss because after an application and you are not eligible, there is absolutely no way to appeal for a refund after payment.

• Create an online account: you can easily create an online account and proceed with your visa application except you opt-in for application on paper, this means you will have to visit the Canadian application center in your country.

There are two ways to create an account for the application:

Using your online banking login since the Canadian Government has partnered with many banks;
Creating a Government of Canada login (GCKey);

• Gather all the required documents needed for your traveling: submitting your visa without including all the required documents will have your visa rejected without an explanation. Make sure your documents are complete.

• Pay your fees: Payment enables your visa to be eligible for processing. Once payment is made, progressing of your visa starts at the right time and within the right time frame, you get either an acknowledgment/approval or a denial.

• Await processing of your Canadian visa: Once you’ve concluded the process and submitted all the needed and required documents, you will have to wait for your visa processing.

Your chances of getting your visa approved depend on you and the information you provided in the course of filling your application form. Make sure to give correct and credible information.

For more information on the Canada visa application, click here.

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